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Q: What steroids are best for women? Are oxandrolone and primobolan really suitable for this more than others, minimizing the possibility of masculinization.

Bill Roberts: This may sound strange to you, but I believe that oxymetholone is best for women who want to avoid side effects but still get great results.

I do not specialize in the preparation of steroid courses for women testosterone for sale online, and I do not want to get involved. I only do this when the wife of the person I work with asks to prescribe a course for her. And then the same 25 mg / day comes in a single dosage.

Medically speaking, you would be surprised at dosages test cyp for sale for women without strong signs of virilization. However, contrary to popular belief, oxymetholone carries no risks for women.

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On the other hand, with 15 mg / day of oxandrolone per day, the risk of virilization is much higher. The likelihood of risk of 5mg oxandrolone is comparable to 25mg / day of oxymetholone.

Primobolan dosage up to 50 mg / wk, divided into several injections, is reasonable, but has a certain risk, although not particularly high.

I first learned about anadrol for sale the use of oxymetholone in women from Den Duchain. In the early stages of her career, Denise Rutkowski used 25 mg / day oxymetholone. He also tbol for sale talked about it. Obviously, he helped her a lot. When Den told me this, I decided that I needed to take a closer look at this drug.

The medical dosage will surprise many. nandrolone phenylpropionate supplements One tablet contains 50mg, because this is the minimum medical dosage for both children and women. It is often used to increase the number of red blood cells.

If I search, I can find sources that dianabol for sale online talked about the use of 50 mg or even more in a large number of women with a minimal frequency of side winstrol for sale effects.

I myself have never prescribed more than 25 mg per day.

side effects

I am not buy injectable steroids with credit card suggesting that there is no risk at all. There are women with hoarse voices and facial hair. This suggests that there is a category the best prohormones 2016 of women who are at risk. This dosage is generally accepted and very effective.

The number of milligrams of oxymetholone that women can take is noticeably higher than that of …

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