The organization was born out of the desire of members to belong to an umbrella group that with one voice and the Strategic to set up a structures through which they can help those with mental health problems.

Protecting Individuals During COVID-19

Your safety is our priority. Ibelieve values and protects the safety of everyone suffering from mental health. For this reason, we have implemented additional measures during the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone’s protection.


We provide simple information about mental health and mental illness as well as how to seek support. Our ‘On The Inside’ information guides have an estimated reach of 6 million people.

How We Raise Funds

ibelieve is a charity and we rely on donations. We’re very grateful to everyone who supports us financially. That’s why we’re committed to being open about how we’re funded and managed.


iBelieve will be committed to improving people’s wellness through a holistic approach. We will provide a high level of sensitivity and professionalism in improving individual’s mental wellbeing using different psychological and motivational approaches. Our services will include:

·1-2 confidential chat Outreach – motivational talk

·Presentations on mental health, knife crimes, wellbeing using psychological theories and tools

·Workshops on different psychology and counselling topics for corporate organizations

·Active listening

·Skills training

·Telephone service

·Talking therapy and other psychological models for treatment

These will deliver a number of social benefits, including: 

·To change maladaptive behaviours ,

·To reduce MH, prejudice,etc.

·Talking therapy helps to process loss and validates those who are lonely, confused, or scared and offer personalized service

·To break down barriers of stereotypes

·To give insight into how individuals view and cope with their experiences

·To help client process thoughts

·To improve systems and insight into what is needed for the population served

·To improve mental and physical wellbeing of the people through inscriptions on clothing items. We will investigate opportunities to develop merchandising and clothing items (T-shirts, hoodies, scarfs, wristband, caps, etc.) with motivational inscriptions that will drive influence and keep people going – a jumpstart for positivity and productivity –at affordable prices while communicating social value.

Donate And Support

Here are some of the ways we help people across the UK and the world thanks to funding from corporate partners and individuals. Together we really can make a difference.

01. Our Information

We have information, helplines and an online community for anyone experience mental health problems

02. Reaching Out To Every One

Millions of people have access to advice and support thanks to our information and services

03. Consultancy

Whether you are an individual wanting to increase your knowledge of mental health,

contact us for any emergency

Stay in touch with us to get latest news about living healthy.


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