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We won’t stop until everyone has the tools they need to live their best possible life.

What We Make People To Understand About Mental Health


To become a first-rated community interest company that will improve mental wellness through professionalism, a high level of sensitivity and a holistic approach for a healthy community. 


Our mission is to significantly reduce instances of mental health in our local area initially and nationally in the longer term. We will enable people to fulfill their potential by addressing mental and behavioural issues at the earliest stage.


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iBelieve is a start-up Community Interest Company offering a range of services to improve the well being of individuals through a holistic approach to mental health. We will offer workshops on several topics including knife crime, mental health and nutrition.  We will have two areas of work.

  1. We will support individuals in the community through a range of support services. These will be provided at minimal cost and/or subsidized through healthcare providers and other fundraising activities.
  2. We will deliver commercial courses and workshops for businesses and other organizations which will generate commercial revenue to support our community interest activities.

Not only can workplace wellbeing programmes reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression once they occur, but they can also act as a preventative measure. I

We will focus on Northampton and the surrounding area, providing services to people who are suffering from any kind mental illness, schools, government agencies and corporate organizations (motivational and psychoeducational talks, etc.). We will offer personalized and exceptional services that will fit our target market segment while providing psychological and counseling information and the perfect tools for treatment.

In a bid to operate in our line of business, which is to improve the wellbeing of people in UK, we will seek funding through sponsorships, grants, crowdfunding, fundraising, revenue from sales of clothing items with motivational inscription (for reshaping lives), for the operation and running of the business.

Our management team are well-rounded in providing effective and lasting solutions in the field of mental and behavioural health while providing client-focused services.


 Funding and Capacity Development

  • Secure funding through sponsorship, crowdfunding, grants, donations and fundraising.
  • Build a strong relationship with our financiers to give us fast access to finance solutions for long-term stability and growth of the organization.
  • Build a strong management team for high levels of productivity and efficiencyAttract a significant number of passionate and talented volunteers, who will help build a thriving Community Interest Company


  • Development of website and social media platforms
  • Establish and grow the company by building awareness of our work to attract prospective clients and retain loyal clients
  • Develop our operating model and perfect our marketing campaigns
  • Reach out to our target market in Northamptonshire through effective marketing strategies via digital and traditional marketing including media coverage, event marketing, referrals, social media and blogs.


  • Generate and maintain cash flow growth through commercial and non-commercial activities to support business growth.
  • To be working with at least 3 businesses and 20 individuals each week at the start of Year 2
  • To be working with 7 businesses and 50 individuals each week by Year 4.
  • Starting to develop strategies for regional and national growth
  • Identifying opportunities for commercial activities to increase revenue (producing branded clothing for example)


  • To have established a predictable and healthy cash flow
  • Continue to attract talented employees and volunteers
  • Focus on developing our next 5-Year plan
  • Continuously research industry trends that are perfect for our line of business.

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