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To become a first-rated community interest company that will improve mental wellness through professionalism, high level of sensitivity and holistic approach for a healthy community.


Our mission is to significantly reduce instances of mental health in our local area initially and nationally in the long term. We will enable people to fulfill their potential by addressing mental and behavioural issues at the earliest stage.

iBelieve exists to help individuals with low motivation and self esteem to achieve meaningful and positive experiences. Our mission is to provide the best possible combination of therapy, customer service quality and price so that every client feels they have received excellent value. As a result, we have created a mental health company that combines all of best therapy solutions into one.

Therapies include:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Talking therapy
  • Positive reinforcement products

Mental Health

iBelieve’s aim is to reduce the prevalence of mental health issues for individuals in the community. We aim to create a system where people are aware of available services and seek help rapidly and effectively